Our Hope Is In Jesus: Look Up And Watch For Him

Grace Church Live StreamToday’s sermon by Pastor John MacArthur was about how believers will miss the day of destruction of Satan’s false Christ, and of those who chose not to believe in Christ Jesus.  MacArthur’s message stemmed from believers being comforted that we were going to meet Christ in the air (2 Thessalonians) as our Great Hope in Christ. Continue reading

Easter Service Online: Dr. John MacArthur

Photo: John MacArthur sermon, snipped from YouTube on 2019-04-21 by sleboeuf

Here’s a great service in case you did not go to church today, for whatever reason.  John MacArthur is one of my pastoral mainstays; I have learned so much from his sermons.  I highly recommend him as someone to learn the bible from since he is so good at providing such in-depth messages.  I hope you will watch him on his Grace To You ministry site where he has all his broadcasts saved.

Click the link for this video:  Profound Implications of the Resurrection