To the unbelievers who mock Christian prayer: prayer holds much power they won’t understand

I’m getting a lot of comments that act as if when Christians say they are praying for Ukraine, for the freedom convoy of truckers, or any of the major problems going on around our world today, people get up in arms and make dumb comments like, “what would prayer do?” or “why not do something to actually help?,” etc. As if to say, Christians only sit around praying and contemplating their navels.

Christians do a lot of things in this world, and probably at the top of their list is seeking God first in all situations. Seeking his guidance and protection, asking him to help those in troubled parts of the earth. And to say that prayer “is doing nothing to help” shows supreme ignorance by those who do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Just wanted to get this out there. God moves mountains and does whatever he wants. He also responds to earnest prayer’s of his children.

So next time you say we Christians pray and do nothing at all, but pray, you have to know God and his power, and we do other things that help the earth. Besides prayer.

To understand the power of prayer is all wise.