Diagnosing people from a Christian perspective (audio)

It’s been awhile but now I’m posting again. I still have something to say and hope you are all doing well. I created this audio file today. I hope it explains what I want to blog about – still. Blessings. Podcast: rss.com/podcasts/christianinaliberalstate

Mental Health Treatment That Excludes Jesus Christ

Psychology is not a pure “science” as we know it.  It is based upon man’s perceptions of what is normal behaviors and feelings, upon their social norms and morals, and what is known about science at the time they are seeking treatments, including medications, for their clients. The field of psychology cannot explain what goesContinue reading “Mental Health Treatment That Excludes Jesus Christ”

How Spiritual Truth Is Lost In Dangerous Teaching Of Secular Psychology

Broadly speaking, I truly believe that in talking with people who are understanding, and taught to take themselves out of the dialogue where they give time to support a person who may seek counseling through them, may be very helpful.  We all need support at different times in our lives so I do not wantContinue reading “How Spiritual Truth Is Lost In Dangerous Teaching Of Secular Psychology”

Catagorizing Satan’s Tricks Of The Mind

Today I was reading a psychologist’s blog post who categorized what biases we have in thinking, and called them “cognitive biases”.  This psychologist, which will remain unnamed, listed several ways that people make the wrong judgements about things so that they are fooled by one thing or another. He first begins by saying that withContinue reading “Catagorizing Satan’s Tricks Of The Mind”