Looking for work

Here’s the details:

I’m currently in an online bible study and listening in while writing this. I can’t, however, interrupt the lesson and tell them I’m looking for a job. LOL! How inappropriate that would be!

I’m losing my job in a few weeks. It is a contract position that I knew would probably end so my last day is March 31st.

I’m seeing what’s out there online as far as doing Christian writing. I imagine a job where I can write online stories, review the news through the lens of Christianity, relating news to bible prophecy, or other forms of writing and blogging.

Maybe there would be a flavor of evangelism or something church related. There’s lots more I could do as a believer in God’s Kingdom such as videos, interfaces with websites posting my web content or interviews and editing photos to create nice pictures having biblical quotes on them. People like those – they are uplifting.

In my work I am adept at hearing people’s stories and providing counseling, but Christian content counseling to keep people hopeful and trusting the Lord Jesus Christ to provide answers for them, providing help and hope and the love of God to them, online. Or on Zoom calls or something like that.

But how do I find a job I would really like doing these things? Would I find anything in the next two weeks? Keep me in your prayers that something opens up for me and let me know what you think. Could you use help in finding a job today?

Let’s get connected and we could connect on LinkedIn if you’re there and spur each other on.

We all need support at times and I think it’s a good idea to find connections online since churches aren’t the best way to go due to true Christian churches being so hard to find these days. Do you agree? Let me know if you want to start one online, or share something in groups we could meet in online. Even a Zoom call with a group of people who are Christians looking for a job would be really nice. Anyway let me know what’s troubling you and I will pray for you today.