Publishing A Book: Day Three Progress Report

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This post is to report in on my latest progress in writing my first book.  I figure I can remain accountable if I record my word count progress as I go.  I also publish some of these posts on LinkedIn but I try to remain neutral in other comments I post there. 

Writing Christian content is challenging.  Where does one publish their Christian content in a secular world?  Who may want to read it and where does a Christian blogger increase their readership on sites such as LinkedIn, which is designed for secular living, jobs, webinars and whatever other income-related topics?  It seems believers in the Lord Jesus Christ can find few opportunities to write, get published, and find readers. Continue reading

Self-Publishing A Personal Testimony: On Becoming A Believer

Good morning dear readers and brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ!

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Today I am continuing what I wrote yesterday about writing my testimony as a gift of God’s to those who will not believe in Christ Jesus but who may believe at a later date, maybe after we get taken up in the Rapture.  I don’t know when the rapture will take place but I know that it took some time and terrible times to convince me that Jesus was real!  A testimony of life from someone who was raised in an atheist home and who became a believer in Christ can be a miracle in itself, but with God all things are possible! Continue reading

Christian Testimony Is My Legacy: A Self-Published Book Is The Goal

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Today as I was in prayer, I felt the need to share here what I am doing to effect change in the way my life has been going.

My direction has been off; I’ve worked a terrible office administration job at the front desk that I was bored with and am finding another job to take that one’s place.

You realize, of course, that we are all unique in God’s eyes, beloved children of God’s, who walk with the Lord Jesus Christ every day.  And we should.  Life gets better that way! Continue reading