Being “Slain In The Spirit”

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Are you talking to spirits today?  What spirits are you talking with?  Who is your God?  Are you aware of who God is?  Or are you talking to the darkness that is in the world?



I remember laying on the floor of a church near Cleveland years ago; I had dropped to the floor embarrassingly, in front of other church members.

I had no control over my body as it lay there, stunned and without motion.  I could not explain to the persons standing around me what had happened; I assumed they could understand my lying there flat out on the floor on my stomach, face down and slightly turned to the side.

My motionless body just stayed there; I could not move.  There were more times where that happened to me in that little church, embarrassingly enough.  Someone threw a blanket over me as I lay on the carpet.  A friend was dropped down to the floor near me another time, and she too was covered with a blanket by another church member.

Needless to say, this bothered me greatly, and I wondered for years whether I was being “slain in the spirit” by God’s spirit, or evil spirits because once I left that church I went to another where it didn’t happen.  After I moved from that area my seeking a new church to attend was prefaced by my wanting to know about the church more before going.  I would read the website beforehand, deciding if I wanted to go.

After years of learning and researching the bible, I began to consider that I had experienced the darkness of evil and that I had been “slain in the spirit” by the enemy; satan’s demonic enterprise. 

I learned through Dr. MacArthur’s teaching about how we are misled by pastors of churches because they don’t read the Bible.  They put them on the shelf and try to make a name for themselves, paying attention to their “dark forces” experiences teaching that it is God who does that to people.   

Sadly and all too often I hear from people who call themselves “Christians” in a huge, expanding movement of new age, charismatic-Pentecostal teaching who teach that “signs and miracles” is where it’s at; not what’s found in the Bible; but what “experiences” you are having is the main thing that God wants.  Like the “slain in the spirit” enterprise; that’s what God is teaching to me, that I will fall down on the ground and lay there motionless. 

Jesus never taught us to be “slain in the spirit”; not even close.  It’s dangerous for people to be taught that.  They don’t know Jesus and that’s what that means to me when people say they’ve been “slain in the spirit” or other things they do.  Oh, don’t get me started.  Teaching without biblical understanding and without consistent accuracy of the words of God is very dangerous, especially when you have new Christians trying to find God who are not able to digest the Bible in one fell swoop. 

What’s is said in the Bible?  That the Pharisees wanted to look like grandeur in public and would not learn more than the current belief of the time.  They wanted to hold high places in society.  They would not accept anyone who challenged them or their high standing in society; their seeking after power, fame, and glory of themselves.  That’s what Lucifer did and he was thrown out of heaven as you recall. 

These hard-hearted men who would not change in the face of the truth that Jesus taught wanted to be regarded highly, receive the fame of many preachers today making a name for themselves and not caring who their followers are following: Jesus or Satan.  They won’t tell the truth.  They are the hard-hearted people of today grasping at straws to make big names for themselves, with all the conceit of Satan.

If you are a Bible believer, you know that Satan is real; and Lucifer was thrown down out of heaven with his dark angels who followed him onto earth.  They find people to capture, harass and even inhabit.  They also did these things in the bible.

A few verses in scripture substantiate this:

News about him spread all over Syria, and people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and the paralyzed; and he healed them. – Matt 4:24

They are demonic spirits that perform signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty. – Rev 16:14

So being cast down to the floor of my church in those days was a sudden, stunning move by a dark force (however many it took).  It was against my will, unwanted, frightening and without warrant.  The spirits of the dark world, known as “demons” will harm people, that is very clear.  According to some, they want to take as many people as they can with them when they go to hell, where they know they end up.  

So as I continue on my journey in knowing the Lord and becoming closer to him, I want to say that many people still think Christianity is some fantasy, and that God is not real, or they describe some other Lord God Almighty that is not the Jesus I know from the Bible.  They are reading man’s version of the Bible, one of many misinterpretations, that are re-written to placate the masses.  

The Gate is Narrow, not Wide Open to any traveler who wants to be there.  You have to read the Bible and not let people who really don’t understand the Bible tell you who God is and what His Word says.

The Bible says;

Enter ye in by the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many are they that enter in thereby. For narrow is the gate, and straitened the way, that leadeth unto life, and few are they that find it. – Matt 7:13-14

Community center churches are not for me.  Welcoming the world and enticing them to follow the path to Jesus leads to the wrong path.  Taking the path to Jesus means you are studying his holy Words.  It means having the sincerity to want to get to know his real teaching.  It is not about welcoming the world to come in and defame our Savior with their ideas.  They are of sin.  They do not know the Bible. 

If you don’t read and learn the Bible for yourself and really reach out to Jesus, you are only wanting Satan. 

How will you know someone if you never read his real words he has given to us if you only listen to what everyone else has to say who follow their emotions instead of really reading the Bible?