Supernatural realities

The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you. – Psalm 32:8

Health Journal – day 15

Do you identify as being a Targeted Individual? Are there really advanced, no-touch technologies that are controlling your body and/or mind? Are demons teaching evil brain-controlling technologies to evil people who may be possessed themselves?

How much of these bizarre, unexplainable behaviors and beliefs are truly due to mental illness? Do we really know?

A psychiatrist (below) may have some answers.

Many of you have described to me the strange happenings to your health, life’s situations, and mental health. You sound perfectly normal but have awful symptoms, “attacks” by strange weapons or spiritual attacks, and some of you are telling me that people are stalking you, breaking into homes and stealing stuff.

These are terrible things to have happen to people and I am sympathetic to their situations.

I also believe mental health professionals are not taught anything along the lines of spiritual, and demonic possession.

I believe people have gotten so bad in life that they are stalking people and are paid criminals to harm people, and steal their possessions. I also believe that spiritual entities who may harm people in their minds, bodies and lives in general are actively pursuing people to harm and kill, and this is real. It’s even in the bible, real entities that we know as demons who kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10).

I also have faith that God will provide insights into this mass, global-spanning problem; demons being very bad.

Exorcism is the topic of a YouTube interview by Sean McDowell, talking with Richard Gallagher, M.D., a board-certified psychiatrist whose work includes providing medical assessments for exorcists whose victims request to be exorcised.

In this video; Exorcisms: The World’s Leading Psychiatric Authority Speaks Out, a board-certified psychiatrist, Richard Gallagher, M.D., talks about his work making assessments as he’s been asked to do by various exorcists wanting to help victims of demon activity. Dr. Gallagher believes there are demons due to his Christian faith and does not feel he has to hide his beliefs. He’s a board-certified psychiatrist, teaches at New York Medical, and is a psychoanalyst on faculty of Columbia University; (HarperCollinsPublishers).

Gallagher has written a book, “Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal” on Amazon. I hope to review it and provide some excerpts from the book at a future date.

Dr. Gallagher gives insights into how exorcisms are done by experienced deliverance ministers and or Catholic priests. He said that Catholic priests are usually more mature and highly trained than other priests. He mentions Protestant pastors doing exorcisms but gives more references to Catholic priests doing them.

He has observed exorcisms taking place. He said victims undergoing exorcisms must be held down as they can have great strength from the demons, and can attack the exorcists. They also levitate, which is a strange phenomena that some targeted individuals expressed in my years of interviewing and learning about these abnormal bodily experiences.

Gallagher says “the victim has to work at developing their own Christian lives”…and they must do their own work as well during the time they need an exorcist. It may take one exorcism only, or take days, months or even years before the demon(s) leave the victim.

Exorcisms are under the command of the Lord, ultimately, he said at 35:23 minutes. He said they are fallen angels, complete liars, and tend to be very smart, although some of them “act very foolishly”. They also have different personalities, are sadistic and they enjoy torturing human beings. He thinks “they think of humans as “beasts, little animals, that they are superior to”. Their biggest foolish act was to “rebel against God”, “their most foolish act in cosmic history”. Sometimes they have to tell the truth. They hate human beings, and they act out to be against the Lord.

As you may know and believe, once a person has been saved, they no longer can be “possessed” by demons. Gallagher references a person’s belief in the Lord Jesus Christ as being the way they can be saved from this torturous ordeal.

McDowell said a woman in a movie was possessed. In The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Dr. Gallagher explained that she had physical issues, and she wasn’t able to get the proper medical care for these medical issues, and eventually died from them.

Gallagher said, “she was afraid of the cult, so never left the cult so she was never delivered”. Then another man who was a gang member that Gallagher spoke about was delivered after reforming his life and returning to his Catholic practice. Gallagher said “people are delivered by our Lord, and it requires the cooperation and sometimes the reform of a person’s life by the victim.”

If you want to know bible verses about demons, here is a start. I know there are many verses out there that you can find online, and check your bibles to see their context.

Reach out to the Lord, our Savior Jesus Christ, and he will help you. He is the only way!

Be well, I pray for your success in your health journey!