There is no peace for the wicked. – Isaiah 48:22a

Today I was doing housework and mundane things to get out of the way on the weekend in preparation for the new week. Suddenly I realized I was feeling pressured to do things at a rapid pace, not feeling good at all. I knew the forces of evil mess with my mind and emotions. IContinue reading “There is no peace for the wicked. – Isaiah 48:22a”

Do You Believe In Spiritual Warfare? Watch This Video.

Spiritual demonic warfare is a real, physical experience I could not help but post this video. It reminds me of similar experiences I have had. No one believes this could be real unless they’ve become Christians and so understand the reality of demonic warfare. Watch at the 13 second mark. The person in the videoContinue reading “Do You Believe In Spiritual Warfare? Watch This Video.”

Christian Blogger Podcast – Spiritual Warfare (audio)

Welcome to the Christian Blogger podcast, and I’m your “Christian Blogger” from somewhere deep inside the Pacific Northwest! Excerpts: .…  I’ve also studied information about how technology can be learned from the spirit realm that hurts humans.  Yes I believe this is possible. … … There is so much spirituality going on that it’s a scary placeContinue reading “Christian Blogger Podcast – Spiritual Warfare (audio)”

Fighting Against Spiritual Wickedness In High Places

And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me. – Psalm 50:15 For those who seem to be suffering under the torment of spiritual warfare, I am sure you will find something in this video to appreciate.   My hope is that it will strengthen your faithContinue reading “Fighting Against Spiritual Wickedness In High Places”