Temporary Office In The Library: Seeking Jesus’ Will Through Writing And Prayer

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Seeking library space for writing, prayer

As I’ve had to spend considerable time in the public library to write these blogs, I noticed something. People today seem to be out-of-bounds in how they treat others. I’ve had several people in recent days feel the need to touch my jacket or laptop briefcase sitting on a shared table in the library or dump their stuff right across from me on the table while glaring right at me. This morning as I was sitting in my car a lady came up and knocked on my window and waved at me; quite disturbing! Have you noticed these things?
What I want to talk to you today about is how I’ve spent the morning looking for a new job at the library. It occurred to me that there are conference rooms that I may sign up for to get privacy, and quiet. Libraries are not quiet these days – in fact they remind me of community centers where people take phone calls, talk in groups, tutor children, and have become quiet noisy! I remember the days when libraries were very quiet! Not so, today!
So today I found an unused conference room, after praying about this from last week; I needed an office space to write in and seek a new job from but I didn’t want to have to pay for a shared office space. I’ve looked at those companies where you pay a year for a shared office. You can build a private counseling practice or meet with clients you do financial coaching with and things like that, and where there is a lobby with a receptionist who answers the phone, takes messages, and processes mail!
I thought about doing this one day to keep in step with everyone else who is starting a new business but I didn’t want to have to pay for the $700.00 per year rent. Here is one space I thought about last month, as an example of a rented office space in my local area: Thinkspace rental offices, Redmond, WA.
Instead of paying for an office, I thought I would make a list of all the libraries in my local area where I could reserve a conference room, also called “study rooms” by the libraries here in King County, Washington. Today I got one because I waited outside the room, seeing it had been reserved, but no one showed up. The rule states that if the person is not in the room after 10 minutes, anyone else can reserve and use the room. I’m in the conference room now; my ideas are running madly, how I love to be alone and think with Christ in my daily journey! He is the best friend one could have and I encourage you to renew your faith in Him, in case you have slipped away from Him. Take him with you wherever you go – feel the peace and joy of the Lord Jesus Christ and enjoy this day!
May God be with you, in Christ Jesus.