Seattle rally against medical vaccination coercion.

People marched in Seattle Saturday against the mandates, shouting “Stop The Mandates!” and “Let’s Go Brandon!”

Organized by Wake Up WA State, it was wonderful to see the video here:

This rally seems to be connected to this site:

American’s have not lost the spirit of freedom, liberty and justice.

Please will not be forced into taking vaccines against a virus where 99% recover.

The vaccines are irreversible. We should not be coerced into take “the jab” in the face of losing our incomes and ability to freely travely.

Vaccinations should be people’s choice.

There can be other ways of handling COVID, and many think we will be living with this virus for a long time, and that it will never go away.

We cannot let a virus that most people recover from and build immunity to cripple our world.

Be blessed, Jesus loves us!