Boarded Up Stores In Seattle Still

I work in Seattle on Saturdays but not always in the same area.  Today I took the bus to Seattle and noticed buildings still boarded up and many stores were closed downtown.

At the bottom of this blog post is a video I took while riding the bus from Seattle to Bellevue and I noticed tents lining some of the sidewalks that have not been there before.  I think they are some of the protesters who have been displaced from CHOP.

I noticed several bicyclists riding around downtown near 5th & Pine Streets because there was far less traffic which kept the streets clear, and less pedestrians by far walking around so there was more room for bike riding. A benefit of riding in the area is that it is relatively flat for blocks and the view overlooking Pike’s Market is pretty with the Puget Sound in the background.

Here is part of my bus ride home from downtown Seattle today. I was noticing all the tents along the sidewalks that were probably the protesters who had been moved from CHOP and were not there before.

Stay Safe!