Thoughts About A Job Change

resume These days I’m very interested in how to position myself to find a better job opportunity that I love because my job is driving me crazy.  I am spread too thin and suffer the consequences of applying my time trying to do the tasks that I was hired to do, with the constant interruptions of a front office job.  Being like the office manager and being underpaid, knowing I have much better skills and once taught at a University on the faculty makes it hard to stay at this job.  I need the income so suffer through the day.

Instead, I’d like to do a job I can be happy with.  How many of you feel the same?  Maybe you are also looking for a better job opportunity and walking with God seems to be the only sane and rational way to keep going.  I keep going and I get better with God.

I have become more organized, I understand our companies work environment better and can talk to people by email within my company but outside of our branch and actually learn some things.

What I have learned to be happy in a job that I’m in, is to do the best work I can and remember who I work for: the Lord.  No matter how bad the job gets, remembering I am one of God’s people eases the strain of having a bad job.

God will strengthen you with his own great power so that you will not give up when troubles come, but you will be patient. – Colossians 1:11

Today I learned how to apply a credit memo to my spreadsheet where I record invoices that have to be paid.  I never knew anything about credit memos or what they looked like.  It was great to learn something new and I have learned more things over time the longer I have worked there.

It’s good to know that I have minimized the chaos by getting organized and having a better understanding of the job and what I can do to create a great space to work in at my desk.  I am smarter now about the job than when I first started and at times feel a sadness about knowing that I will move to a better career position in another company.  There are things I may miss that were very instructive and that I can feel proud of.

I have created many new processes, have coordinated information to make it available for anyone’s use at the branch and have learned a few more business skills that I didn’t have before.  I can thank God for that.