Update:  I am starting a business here in Washington state and invite you to watch for updates about this.


I worked as a Mental Health Clinician in a Godless industry and I believe mental illness can best be served by Christian counseling.

I go by Teresa Manning on Facebook and other social media because I wanted to take the entertainment out of life for those who would stalk me online.

Using my real name online will take some getting used to. It means that I am coming out of the closet, and as a Christian and conservative in the western hemisphere I will be opening myself up to the scrutiny of folks here in the Pacific Northwest who have liberal leanings and where all of society, it seems, is really about liberal leftist ideals, morals and standards of which I am an enemy of, and want to follow Jesus for the rest of my life.

All right, for those of you who need a real person who has a real identity, here goes: my real name is Suzanne, and I have a last name which I don’t want to reveal yet, but I will, one day in heaven or when I feel comfortable enough to. I hope you guys understand, it’s really hard for me and I may lose my job if I were found out to be writing a super-conservative blog about Christianity and my thoughts and how I really feel about things I see going on in my life as a homeless person and trusting Jesus.