Rumble: Christian blogger of the PNW

Twitter: @ChristianviewB

I was a Mental Health Clinician teaching classes in Mental Health related classes for the University of Phoenix in Sacramento, California.  I worked as a Social Worker with foster kids providing mental health therapy, and through a bay area nonprofit, provided Mental Health services for adults with dual-diagnosis, with chemical dependency and serious mental illness issues.  For the County of Solano in California I worked as Mental Health Clinician for the seriously mentally ill in their crisis unit in Fairfield as well as Vallejo.  I became a University Instructor on Faculty when I realized I could have a lucrative career in teaching and really loved the job.  However, my life took a crazy turn and I left California, never to return to my career in the place that I had been before. I had returned to chemical dependency counseling but that was a huge step down for me.

Because I became a Christian I have realized God took me out of my career due to the wokeist ideology that counseling has become enmeshed in. Sorry that I cannot help support people in quite the same way, I decided I could not return to counseling psychology. But it’s for the best. I would not want to support the profession as it stands today. I’d rather be a Christian, true to my belief in God Almighty and Jesus Christ. I have the Holy Spirit who guides me every day.

Now as a Christian I am working as an office worker, currently working from home, and that works fine for me. I have since published an online news site for local news in Bellevue, Washington. It’s not my dream job but it will do. I’m grateful I have a job.

I became a writer working on my transition from being raised as an atheist where accepting beliefs from all walks of life was the accepted norm, to attending Unity Church, exploring various healing techniques in the cybersphere in my exploration to become a Seer, a Prophetess, sharing what I thought was God’s voice coming to me in sensing and envisioning messages through my spiritual awareness.  I became a Minister in someone’s church as well as a graduate of several online Christian seer and prophetic courses.

Now I believe along the lines of Dr. John MacArthur‘s teachings who is a cessationist, defending the faith, sharing the truths of biblical expository teaching in his church, Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California.  As a resident now of Washington state I cannot attend because it is too far away.