Anticipating An Outstanding Read: ‘Charismatic Chaos’, By John MacArthur

I ordered a used copy of Charismatic Chaos, a book originally written in 1978, but I have the revised version of 1992.  As you may know, this book was written by one of the best pastors I have ever found online, John MacArthur, who preaches the Word from his church in southern California, in Sun Valley to be exact. 

I’m excited to start reading this book that he has mentioned several times online, and I was anxious to learn what he had to say in more depth than in his sermons about the modern charismatic and New Apostolic Church teachings of today.

I have so many strong feelings as he has expressed about the false teachings that are out there being preached in false churches.  It seems overwhelming that there are so many as many people get pulled into those teachings because they are new and are easily led astray.  I count myself as having graduated with a master’s degree in full teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ, where I was learning the kinds of things they taught in those churches.  But I found my way to the real teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, and his disciple, John MacArthur. 

I’m sorry if I upset my readers, but I respond to the false teachings found in churches today because they upset me terribly.   I cannot go into a church and feel comfortable; I see so many glaring things wrong with them.  John MacArthur has led the way in opening the eyes of many who have fallen for false apostolic teachings.

As I jumped to the epilogue, I found that there are so many great and wonderful quotes that John MacArthur wrote that I could not quote them all and call this my writing; it would be so filled with his golden nuggets of truth and eloquent, thoughtful writing and my few words, by comparison, would be of no value at all.  He’s a great writer, that’s all.

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