Conference Calls: To Help You Grow Your Faith Walk With Jesus Christ

The new website is slowly coming along as I learn to use WordPress.  Plug-ins don’t always work, or I can’t get them installed, and on the right pages, so you see it’s taken some time to get this website off the ground.

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New Launch!

If you’re like me, working in a community sounds fun – I have done this in the past in other bible groups I’ve participated in.  

One group had participants study bible scripture that was brought up in the pastor’s sermon.  We reviewed the notes the group leader took and discussed what they meant and helped strengthen our faith.  I don’t know what software they used, but you could raise your hand in the group to show you had a question; there was a space on the interface where people could be allowed to text message each other, and the person would speak about what the message meant to their lives.

Other groups I’ve joined were the same; participating with a main group leader who called upon people who read Scripture, talking about themselves and what they had done for God during the week.  That particular group was a bible healing group led by a Dominion pastor who I don’t follow now, and was a step in the challenge to find the true Word being spoken and taught – instead of giving twisted messages and false teaching.

So far I have found a free conference calling platform where I can plan a day and time, provide a phone number for people to call in, and lead a conference call.  I have begun a list of topics we could talk about and one work sheet people could use to discuss strongholds in their lives.

If you’d like to become part of a weekly or twice-weekly conference call, please let me know.  Either send me an email on the Prayer Requests tab with best days/times for you and what time zone you’re in, or put it in your comments at either site, or contact me at the Contact Us web page at the new website,

If there’s not an interest in these conference calls, maybe you could suggest what kind of contact works best for you while this is all in the beginning stages.

I pray you are blessed, I pray for each of you who like a blog post or post a comment here, and also on the new website, I pray to God to be useful to you and new believers especially who I strongly believe need to be with Christians every day to strengthen their newly found faith; and keep them on the road with Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the name above all other names!

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