This is the Season that we celebrate Jesus’ birth! Here’s why.

Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem

In case you’ve never read the bible, we have the reason Jesus was born and brought to earth through his Heavenly Father who we know as ‘God’ as well as Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

The reason Jesus Christ was born is because, as we can see today, every man, woman and child has been born into a sinful way of life due to our human heritage starting with the book of Genesis. Adam and Eve both ate from the fruit of the poisonous treat that God specifically told them not to eat from, ‘or they would surely die.’

But man, not hearing, and heeding, God’s words, do what they want. They are hard-hearted. They want to know as much as God and even play God but they don’t know enough and they never will be God the Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, or God’s Holy Spirit.

So, in God’s mercy, he came to earth as a man called Jesus, who died on the cross for our sins. That means he took all the punishment, consequences and payment for all our sins that would cause us to be thrown into Hell instead of us.

God is a righteous and Holy God – he does not tolerate sin. If we do not come to our sense we will live in hell for eternity. We will be where the demons and Luciferians live, forever. That means suffering for eternity.

God wants us to go to Heaven, all of humankind. He loves us so much that his son Jesus sacrificed his life. He hung on the cross and died for us in order to SAVE us from our sins, our sinful lives, our walking away from Christ, and disbelieving in God in three persons: God the Father, Jesus Christ the son and Christ’s Holy Spirit who came to all believers to teach them God’s Holy Word, called the bible.

Instead of wanting to go to Heaven, we have sinful people today urging people to think that the bible is full of hatred, mistruths and garbage. They think it is a myth or they don’t want to believe in a God who loves all of mankind; man, woman and child. Those people would rather follow who we know as Satan. Evil spirits are fallen angels; they were kicked out of heaven for wanting to be as God. They never will.

So the false promise that there is no God and it’s all up to man what happens on the earth is false. It is false hope in man’s evil nature and not walking with the God of our very lives, our Creator, the Creator of the universe and everything beyond… The alpha and omega who has no time, no day that he was created by someone or something else, he is the eternal God and has always been, hence, he’s the alpha and omega.

See what’s happening in the world and all the chaos. Guess what the bible says, in Revelation which is a book that’s understood by many. We know this is supposed to happen, the chaotic regime’s destroying our lives. It’s marking the end of our time here on earth as we know it is coming to a close… It’s called ‘bible prophecy’ as it is foretold in many chapters of the bible but people don’t believe it.

This is a deep subject that takes years of study and learning from the informed, intelligent men who teach bible prophecy because now’s the time to learn this. If you are a new, struggling Christian, contact me and I will help you out with some resources like who to study from. There are many online pastors who reliably teach bible prophecy. But learn the bible first, the first four chapters of the New Testament is best: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, starting with John’s chapter. They all tell a similar story but by different men about who Jesus was when he walked the earth. Also read the books of Psalms or Proverbs to help you understand.

If you take Jesus as your Savior who died on the cross, having taken all the sins of the earth onto himself, who died for all of us, you can ask him, ask him for forgiveness if you wish, appreciate what he’s done for you because he died so that his mercy and free gift of eternal life with Him in Heaven, will be YOUR gift.

He already knows who you are but you have not asked him to come into your life. Pray and seek him, the best that you understand – we all started that way. As you walk with him in prayer, just simple prayers do well enough, you can become comfortable in the way he will work with you to show you he is really, really, real. And read your bible and come study here with me if you’d like to ask questions, share your reading’s in the bible and we can have some conversations here in the comments. I can give you my personal email address if you ask me in order to further discuss bible verses.

Jesus is alive and well! *Maranatha!

*Note: (Maranatha is an Aramaic word that means “the Lord is coming” … see GotQuestions for more about the meaning of Maranatha).

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