Calm. It’s a great feeling that God provides.

For God is a God not of disorder but of peace. – 1 Corinthians 14:33 

Here is something I feel is very important to write about my situation.

I live alone and am not in a relationship nor have family apparent in my life (I do not hear from them).

I am so grateful to God, the Lord Jesus Christ, for handling something today that unnerved me and was making me uncomfortable.

If I did not live alone and so was freer to focus on Him today I may not have been consoled. I reached out to him after this incident that happened in my apartment complex again.

With other people around me I may not have had a chance to focus on the Lord. Asking him to calm me as I do not want to be disturbed by stupid staff and their mannerism which is always disturbing.

I guess you could say I don’t respond to rudeness well. In any case I don’t want to live here and am anxious to move elsewhere where I have the privacy I crave and not have to tolerate stupid staff.

This apartment complex has been mismanaged for the nearly four years I have lived here and I’m tired of being wrestled around like a chicken.

That is how the staff makes me feel.

I have enjoyed living here rather than be homeless or living in a vehicle, before I came to this apartment.

To continue with my story of the unsettling incident in the apartment building this morning, I did not know that we were supposed to wear masks if we went into the lobby where I went to pick up my mail.

How many of you have to answer to someone when you’re quietly waiting for the mail man to fill the row of mailboxes in a building and have to be disturbed by a Nazi asking for your “identification”? And be grilled with questions about my being there in the lobby?

The staff disrupted me and began cross-examining me – at least disrupted and confused is how I felt with the approach this person was treating me with.

In truth, many older people needing assisted living live here, so it is very depressing for me to live here. My rental is for independent living so I don’t communicate with staff much unless I’m picking up packages delivered to me.

So, for some reason I was not informed they had a COVID outbreak and I was disturbed by the manner in which I was approached.

This has happened in the past where I feel treated very disturbingly, and disrespected.

She asked if I was “OIC” or something but I didn’t know what that meant. I suppose with the older folks living in this building I was mistaken for an assisted living resident for some reason, or many she needed to know in case they had to return an assisted living resident to their apartment.

I don’t act as if I need any help, and no assistance is needed so this questioning was very confusing to me. I don’t have gray hair or anything so I was caught off guard by the questioning.

I informed the lady questioning me that I had not been informed that we were being requested to wear masks and that there had been a “COVID outbreak” and that she should treat me respectfully – and not question me as if I was a runaway child.

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