Sin, Spiritual Death, and Christ Jesus


I found myself looking back upon working as a mental health clinician and how we were trained to work with clients. Seeing a video today called, “A Different Kind of Force–Policing Mental Illness” made me think about how being a Christian creates a new perspective on the problems related to a person’s mental health and why I left the field.

It affects how I view these problems today and mental health counseling does not align with my perspectives on today’s mental health and issues some people are having. I am saddened with what I have learned and what I believe may be happening to people in the world today.

I view the problems of people’s mental health to be directly related to how people’s fallen natures affect their well-being because human beings are all born into sin natures as the major factor for people struggling with their “mental health”. I believe “mental health” is tied to a person’s health as a person, and who they have aligned themselves with. In my mind, choices are either Jesus Christ or Satan, and either of those is who one chooses to follow.

In an unbelieving world, human beings do not believe that sin has consequences, that they are facing spiritual and physical consequences of being in a sinful state. They might have good things that they do but it does not cleanse them of their sin, which we all have and have been born into against our wills or control. It is the state of human being’s, having been born into sin since Adam and Eve.

Most unbelievers do not even enjoy the bible to find out how and why they were created nor how they have fallen into sin. They don’t understand that the fallen nature’s of our original human parents as being how we were all born into sin.

Unbelievers are unaware of how much they damage themselves by not believing in Jesus Christ. They do not have the Holy Spirit to train them in the Holy ways of God, nor teach them the truth about the bible which is the word of God given to us to understand the Lord Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit and why he died on the cross. He died to take the sins of the world upon himself so that we who believe would not have to die an eternal death but would live forever in his presence. The rest will live for eternity, separated from his presence.

We as a society treat those who are given a diagnosis of mental illness as being wired wrong; such as hearing voices when no one is around or seeing things that people say are not really there.

We try and convince them that those things are not really happening to them, that they are “figments of their imaginations” and that they may be having a “psychotic break” with reality. We try and talk then out of their own reality, we try and show them that they are hearing and seeing things that are not there — after all, we do not hear or see those things and are perhaps standing right next to them.

I am convinced of the truthfulness of people saying they hear or see things that are not heard or seen by anyone else. I think a crime exists where we are not able to tell them about the truth of Jesus Christ. That is very important information to anyone suffering from not only these disturbances called “mental illness”, but also serious physical conditions, and other problems of life.

They are left stranded with no true explanations of what may be happening to them, and no cure would be possible if left to “the mental health system” of today’s drugs and therapies.

Maybe a band-aide of temporary relief from “symptoms” might help them but often these symptoms will return.

How many times to we hear clinicians talking about a person’s “baseline” of behavior and cognitive functioning? They are never expected to get any better with drugs and therapies.

The policing video teaches that “crisis intervention training trains one to recognize when someone is in crisis” so that a different approach is taken in police work in order to build rapport with a person “in crisis”, and in this way police officers can safely transport the person to a crisis unit of some kind. They drop them off to be assessed “for treatment”. Yet the person “assessing” their mental condition is not trained in bible teaching and can only assess for man-made diagnoses, not the real spiritual condition causing those problems.

They rule out whether a person has an organic brain disorder or whether the person has not taken their meds, but they refer to a manual that has been created by those that go against Christ’s teachings, not by bible-believers.

Why has society relied upon man-made assessments of health when they do not know the origins of our lives or who has created us?

These are not people who can diagnose, and thereby correctly treat, a person’s illness.

Christ is the sole giver of life – and of man’s true destiny – he decides who goes to Heaven or hell.

After looking at the video I now know that even while policing and mental health treatment units may want to help people and can keep them safe, they are not really addressing root causes.

Reasons for mental illness may include spiritual attack, and how they may be allowed to be stricken by evil forces beyond mankind’s control. People may be affected mentally by how human sinful natures have caused troubles individually or collectively and can harm their entire health including their souls which effects where they will spend eternity; either in Heaven or hell.

There are consequences to sin, to the fallen nature of mankind or other reasons that cause disease such as mental illness, as the bible says in more than one place. Yet how many places will let you talk to a person about their spiritual problems, problems of unbelief, and of their sin?

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4 thoughts on “Sin, Spiritual Death, and Christ Jesus”

  1. So very well said Suzanne. The humanist, the unbelieving has no answers. The truth is in Christ for all healing for the mind, body and soul. Amen, we all need Jesus. 🙂


  2. ” I believe “mental health” is tied to a person’s health as a person, and who they have aligned themselves with. In my mind, choices are either Jesus Christ or Satan, and either of those is who one chooses to follow.” Yes! Very true. We have found the same to be true in our experience. The root many call the flesh or sin nature we call ‘self’ or anti-spirit. Same concept only freed from religious baggage.
    God took us through a very long journey to understand the ‘self’ nature and how it affects us. From experience we can say 100% that ‘self’ is behind what others call mental illness. You might find our document Overview of Body, Soul and Spirit helpful in confirming what you have already learned.
    Excellent post. Enjoyed reading it and having it confirm what we have learned and believe.
    Homer Les


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